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iGEMS Release Notes

This page outlines the enhancements and fixes included in the latest release.

Request this update by clicking the 'New Version Available' button on your iGEMS login page and completing the request form.

Release iGEMS v3.7

Release Date: 22nd October 2018

New Features & Enhancements

Point of Sale Register: A Point of Sale register has been added to iGEMS. You can use the Point of Sale to register sales of expenses for residents or customers at a bar or restaurant you may have at your property. Please read this article here for full details on how to use the Point of Sale Register.

Booking Page Visitor Analysis: The iGEMS booking page now records the location of the visitor to the page, as well as the searches for availability that the visitor makes. This let's you monitor the global geographic locations of visitors for marketing analysis, as well as the flow of visitors to your website, and the conversion rate between searches and bookings made.
The analysis report provides graphical representations of the continents, countries and the region from where the visitor is making the search for availability.
In addition to this, a report of the searches made is provided, indicating searched arrival and departure dates, the number of repeat searches made, if a search resulted in a booking, and if the visitor was using a computer or mobile device.
To access the booking page analysis, click the 'Booking Page Analysis' link on the Home page. The anaylsis can also be reached from the Statistics Report area.

Split Invoicing: Group bookings can have their Guest Invoices split into separate invoices for each room. You can select the type of split from the Guest Invoice reservation view from the Invoice Type drop down list.
A Partial Split invoice creates a main invoice for the accommodation for all rooms in the reservation, and an invoice for expenses associated to each room in the booking.
A Fully Split invoice creates an invoice for each room. Each invoice includes the accommodation and expenses for that room.
To View or Email a split invoice, you must first select the invoice to view from the'View Invoice for' drop down list, then click to View or Email the invoice.
Please read this article here for full details on split invoicing.
Note: It is not permitted to split an invoice once the invoice has been created. i.e. when the invoice is no longer pro forma.

Booked Rooms Guest Information: You can record the full name, address, email and telephone number of the guest in each guest room. This is useful for split invoicing where you need to produce an invoice according to the guest occupying the invoiced room.
Edit a Booked Room record to enter the required guest information, and save the changes.

Room Groups and Online Booking: Room Groups have been introdcued into iGEMS to facilitate an improved Online Booking process. A Room Group is a collection of rooms of the same type which have the same maximum occupancy and have exactly the same rates.
A new iGEMS Online booking page has been introduced which allows the booker to select the number of rooms of the same type (group) when making their reservation. This makes the booking process easier where a property has a very large number of rooms of the same type, which can be grouped as one type on the booking page, from which the booker selects the number of rooms required.

An example of the iGEMS Online Booking page can be found here is an example iGEMS Online Booking. This page is also optimised for use on a mobile device.
Room Groups wil be setup for you during the update to this version of iGEMS.

Tasks: iGEMS Office Tasks have been improved. Previous Tasks were based on the arrival date of the booking, and would start to appear in the Home Page 'Tasks' queue thirty days prior to arrival. iGEMS Tasks now have a Task Date, which defaults to the arrival date of the new booking when added to iGEMS. The Task Date is the date on which the Task is required to be completed. You can set the Task Date yourself in the Notes & Tasks view of a reservation.
Tasks will now appear in the Home page Task queue from seven days before the actual Task date. The Home page Task tile turns red when there's a task due to be performed on the current date.
You can also set a repeat period for a task. This is done in the Notes & Tasks view of a booking. To repeat a task each week on the same day of the week, select 'Repeat Weekly on this day'. You'll be reminded to perform that task on the same day each week.
For long term bookings, select 'Repeat monthly on this day' to be reminded to perform the task on the same date each month. If you set a task to be performed on the last day of each month, then iGEMS will make sure you are reminded on the last day of the month, even if that month has less days than usual.
Tasks are active until after DEPARTURE. You can manually close tasks by selecting to close the task on the bookings 'Notes & Tasks' view.

Promotions and Deals: The Promotions and Deals page has been refreshed to improve aesthetic appearance and its attraction to viewers. An enquiry panel has been added to each listed promotion to make it easier for the viewer to send you an enquiry about that promotion.
Here's an example of the Promotions page in use: Example Promotions Page. Please contact Berry Software if you wish to use this feature.

Credit Card Page Timeout: Security has been added to the Credit Card page. After a period of five minutes of no interaction on the Credit Card page of a booking, the page will time out. When the page has timed out, you'll be prompted to enter the security PIN to access the Credt Card page.

Emails: iGEMS emails are first completed by having any 'email tags' present in the email replaced with the required content, prior to preview. This means you view how the email wil appear before sending it. If you add more 'email tags' into an email preview, before sending it, those email tags are replaced with the relevant content when you issue the email.

The links in iGEMS emails for the Reservation Form and Invoices have been improved to appear as buttons.

A new email tag of {logo} has been added. This {logo} tag is replaced with the logo of the property, at the point where {logo} appears in the email. This is useful as an email header or signature.

All emails issued by iGEMS are now sent using the email address no-reply@myreservations.co.za. This replaces the use of the email address of the property in who's name the email was being sent. This change has been made to improve the acceptance of iGEMS email by recipients. As the email address implies, the recipient must not reply to the email address, but email their correspondence to the emaill address of the property. This is explained in the email received by the recipient, and the email address of the property is included, to assist the recipient in replying directly to you.

Agent Selection: It is no longer possible to switch a booking between being a 'Private' booking or booked with an 'Agent' once an invoice has been created for that booking. You can swtich between Private and Agent when invoices are Pro Forma.

Release iGEMS v3.6.8

Release Date: 4th June 2018

New Features & Enhancements

Release Hightlight! Cancelled Bookings queue: You can now monitor receipts of cancel fees in iGEMS. A new queue has been added to iGEMS for the processing of Cancelled bookings. The queue can be accessed by clicking the 'Cancelled" tile on the Home page. Opening the queue will display all cancelled bookings which have a CANCEL FEE set, and for which payment has not been received. From this queue you can make changes to the cancel fee, update the reason for cancellation and to indicate if payment has been received for the cancellation. You can remove a cancel from this queue too.
The cancel fee is added to the booking manually, or if a Booking.com reservation, automatically, when the cancel is received from Booking.com. This means your cancelled bookings from Booking.com can be automatically placed into the Cancel queue, keeping you up to date with cancels in your iGEMS system.
You can manually set the cancellation fee for a booking in the Reservation Details view. Doing so causes the cancelled booking to appear in the Cancel queue.

Check In and Check Out on Availability Calendar: You can now check in and check out bookings from the Availability Calendar. This saves you time having to open the booking to perform these actions.
Single click a booking in the Availability Calendar and select 'change status' from the context menu.
To check in a booking, with no 'Welcome' email, select 'Check In'.
To check in a booking, and send a 'Welcome' email, select 'Check In (with Welcome).'
To check out a booking, select 'Check Out'.
To check out a booking with an email, select 'Check Out (with email)'.
Click 'Set Status' to perform the action.

Credit Card Payment Gateways: You can now connect iGEMS to PAYPAL and PAYFAST online credit card payment services. By doing so, you can receive payments for your bookings in the following ways:
Reservation Form: Where there is an outsanding Deposit, there's a new button which will take the booker to a secure Paypal or PayFast credit card payment page. The cardholder can submit payment of the deposit. If the deposit has been paid, but the balance is outstanding, the amount paid will be the balance of the booking. After a successful payment, a statement entry is automatically added to the Guest Account, as well as email notifications issued to the property and cardholder.
Online Booking Form: The booker is prompted to pay the deposit required for their booking. Upon successful payment, their booking is confirmed and the property notified of the new booking by email.
Credit Card Page: The property can issue an email from iGEMS to a recipient, requesting payment of a specified value via your payment gateway (Paypal or Payfast). The email you send will have a link to the payment page which specifies the amount to pay, booking reference and a description you can add. The cardholder can then make payment.
IMPORTANT: You must have registered your own account with either Paypal or Payfast.
You can choose to use Paypal or Payfast as your payment gateway, easily creating an account with the provider of your choice.
You add YOUR provider merchant account ID to iGEMS Property Settings (menu More > Settings > Property Settings : Online Availability & Booking section) and select the appropriate gateway provider from the list provided.
Note that with all credit card payment providers, the funds are paid into your account with the provider. You then request payment to your own bank account when you want the 'payout' to me made to the bank account you provide details for when creating your account with the provider.
Please contact Berry Software for more information on this subject if you are interested, but unsure of what to do.
There are no additional fees for using a payment gateway, other than those charged by the payment gateway provider. i.e. no additional charges by iGEMS or Berry Software.

Check In and Check Out event colours: The colour of a booking in the Availability Calendar is (optionally) shown in a different shade to the actual booking status colour in the calendar.
This means a confirmed booking, when checked in, will be displayed in a lighter shade of green to indicate the booking is checked in.
When a booking is checked out, the booking in the Availability Calendar is displayed in a darker shade of green.
This is optional and can be removed upon request. Note that the colours cannot be modified.

Booking Reference Format option: You can choose from a range of formats to apply to the booking reference. Visit menu More > Settings > Property Settings and select one of the options in the 'iGEMS Booking Reference Format' drop down list.

Email Template Forename: You can now use the Forename of the booking in the Email Templates for outgoing email. Add the tag {forename} into the email template at the appropriate location. When the email is issued, this tag is replaced with whatever text you have in the bookings Forename field.

Email Template Weather: You can include a link to the local weather forecast in your outgoing iGEMS emails. Include {weather} in your email templates. This gets replaced with a link to the local weather forcast upon issue to the recipient. The weather frecast is the same as that used in the iGEMS Welcome letter.

Reservation Input departure date: The departure date now defaults to the following day when the Arrival Date is changed. In previous versions, the departure date defaulted to the same day as the arrival date which meant it always had to be changed.

National VAT: You can set a national VAT value even though your property may not be VAT regsitered. This is for cases where an Agent/Tour Operator charges VAT on their commission, but you are not VAT registered yourself. iGEMS uses this value to calculate VAT on the agents commission, while not including VAT in your own bookings.

Import South African Public Holidays: You can import a file of South African Public Holidays into iGEMS, saving you time having to add them individually yourself. Visit menu More > Settings > All Settings > Public Holidays to import the current file of public holidays which includes up to end of 2019.

Payroll Weekend and Public Holiday indicator: When entering a payroll wage entry, an indicator appears when the date entered is a weekend day or Public Holiday.

Guest History Selection: The process for using historical booking information to create a new booking has been updated. When selecting a previous booking during new reservation entry, a dialogue will appear with the details of that previous booking. The guest name, contact details, address and discount are displayed to the user. Next to each of these fields is a check box which can be selected, or deselected. Choosing to use this previous guest booking information for the new booking will add the SELECTED fields to the new booking. If you select the DISCOUNT amount for the previous booking, that same discount will be applied to the new booking.

Deposit Tasks: All future CONFIRMED bookings which have not been indicated as having received Agent or Guest deposits are now included in the TASKS queue on the Home page. You can identify which tasks require deposits by clicking the Tasks queue and holding the mouse pointer over the guest surname. A tool tip advising the deposit be taken, or a task, will appear.

SnapScan Removed: The functionality to pay by SnapScan has been removed as it was a feature rarely used by iGEMS clients.

FIXED. Bookings Summary Report: The report now shows only those bookings for the selected currency in the currency drop down list. In previous versons, all bookings, regardless of the selected currency were included in the report output.

Release iGEMS v3.6.6

Release Date: 24th March 2018

New Features & Enhancements

Important: If your property is VAT registered, then you should request an updgrade to this version.

VAT Management: Where iGEMS is configured to apply VAT, previous versions of iGEMS have included VAT on invoices, and provided reports which include VAT information.
However, previous versions of iGEMS applied the same VAT percent value to all bookings, past and present.
The iminent change to VAT in South Africa has meant that iGEMS has been developed to store a VAT amount with each individual booking. This means you can now change the default VAT in the system, and that default amount will be applied to only future bookings.
Therefore, with this update, you can change the default VAT percent to 15 on the 1st April, and all subsequent bookings to arrive will have 15% VAT applied. All existing bookings will remain at 14% VAT.
The VAT percent value can be edited to any value in a booking at any time.
All invoices and reports have been updated to apply the VAT value stored for each booking.

MAJOR CHANGE to Quotes: The entire quotes engine has been changed. Quotes are now integrated as bookings, with a status of QUOTE.
This mean you can easily enter a new booking and assign a status of 'Quote' and email it to the enquirer as a 'Reservation Form'. The recipient can Accept or Decline the quote.
You can simply change the status of a Quote to Confirmed, or Provisional if the quote is accepted and if you can still hounour the quote.

Click HERE for full details on the new functionality for iGEMS Quotes.

IMPORTANT: You should process all existing quotes prior to this update as they will no longer be avilable after this update.

Release iGEMS v3.6.5

Release Date: 11th Feb 2018

New Features & Enhancements

Virtual Credit Card Processing: The last release introduced the ability for iGEMS to record virtual credit card details for Booking.com reservations.
This latest release introduces a way to manage the processing of transactions of these virtual credit cards.
The problem for many properties is that virtual credit cards cannot be processed until the arrival date. Keeping track of when to do the transaction can be difficult. iGEMS solves this problem.
Upon receipt of a Booking.com reservation which has a virtual credit card, iGEMS records that it's a virtual credit card and records the amount to process on that virtual card.
There is a new 'Virtual Cards' queue on the iGEMS Home page. This queue hold's all future bookings with a virtual credit card, for which transactions are still to be processed. You can open the queue and view a list of these bookings. Use the list to identify which bookings to process. The list of bookings is in Arrival Date order and where a virtual card can be processed now, the booking is highlighed. The Home page Virtual Card tile changes to red to indicate there's a virtual credit card transaction that can be processed now.
You can open the reservation from the list of virtual card bookings, as well as open the credit card page for that booking. You can remove the booking from the queue, once the transaction is processed.

Show or Hide rooms for Online Booking: Room's can be shown or hidden from the iGEMS Online Booking page. This allows you to have rooms in your property which can be booked, but not online. 'Hidden' rooms are included throughout the iGEMS system, including the Availability calendar, but not shown to the public on the Online Booking page.
You can configure this at More > Settings > Room Setup.

Online Booking cut-off time: You can now set the latest time for when online bookings can be booked to arrive on the current date. For example if you set a cut-off time of 3 p.m. no online bookings can be made after 3 p.m. that can arrive on the current date. This is set in Property Settings (More > Settings > Property Settings).

Cosmetic Changes: Small cosmetic changes throughout iGEMS have been made. Styles of buttons and Home page status counts have been updatred. Links to the Occupancy Statistics and Exchange Rate calculator have been added to the Home page, for quick access. Click the Home page weather tile to access the weather map to find out weather from anywhere in the world.

Fix: Reservation Search: A fix has been introduced to prevent a user from accessing reservations for a property within the same group as their own property, but for which they should not have access to.